fresh meat

Fresh Meat

Excellent technologies and Attentive production

The Iberian pork cuts are produced in Spain, in a factory equipped with the latest technologies. The pigs are specifically handpicked. The whole process of dissection, packing, freezing and shipping is accomplished with state-of-the-art facilities and strictest standards of manufacturing delivery systems in a safe and secure environment. Every staff in the factory holds strong to their belief of providing the freshest Iberian pork and manifest worldwide their passion for the history and traditions of the Iberian pig.


An Iberian pig is raised leisurely without stress in a peaceful environment by long term breeding, therefore making it possible to recreate the original taste of pork. It is of little surprise why the Iberian pork has reigned over the upscale restaurants in Spain. It is a special and select ingredient for juicy steaks, exquisite stews, succulent cured ham and more.


Jamon Iberico is considered the most valuable cured ham on the planet. The moment we put it in the mouth, its flavours spread throughout. It is characterised by its mellow yet rich taste. In Spain, Jamon Iberico ranks largest in terms of production volume and the world’s largest scale in terms of consumption of cured ham. Records indicate that it is the way to make and consume ham since ancient Roman Empire.

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